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Shaine Freeman


Producer & Engineer

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Peoria, IL


Atlanta, GA


Bradley University

ENTERTAINMENT: As a Podcast Producer it is my responsibility to help clients create award-winning shows, from concept to completion.  Prior to my current professional station, I honed my audio production skills as a Grammy-nominated musician, while day-lighting as a civil engineer (1995-2009). I also worked as journalist and won Magazine Publisher of the Year (2009-2017), while managing the successful careers of top TV & film actors and actresses (2009-2014). I have been involved in podcasting since 2014.

SPORTS:  I’m a USA Basketball Gold certified coach and elite skills trainer, as well as the Program Director at ENG United Basketball – an elite travel basketball club for high school boys. As a coach and skills trainer, I work with youth and pro basketball players to help them improve on-court performances. I also assist high school athletes and their families with navigating the college basketball recruitment process.

When I am not working on chart-topping podcasts or coaching basketball, I spend my time being a devoted husband to my wife of 19 years, and father to my three (3) kids.

What I Do



Podcast Production

As a producer, I help podcasters take their show ideas from concept to completion. This includes every phase of production, from recording and editing, to mixing and publishing. My goal is to help clients build chart-topping shows.

Mixing & Mastering

I have over 25 years of experience using a variety of DAWs and equipment to create, record, edit, mix, and master audio productions. I am proficient in Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, ProTools, Audacity, and most other digital audio recording software.

Sound Design

In the world of podcasting, where our ears are how we see, sound design can make or break your show. It is my job to ensure that the right soundscapes are chosen bring full entertainment value to the listener, and fuel demand/growth for the show.


I have developed superior skills as a voiceover talent. I spend a great deal of time narrating shows and voicing commercials. I have also been hosted podcasts since 2014, with more than 250 episodes published as a host or guest.

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