Devil Town

  • Release:10/17/2022
  • Client:Imperative Entertainment Inc.
  • Skills: Editor, Mix Engineer, Sound Designer, Voiceovers

On this 10-part true crime podcast series, I am the lead audio engineer and editor. Devil Town tells how fear and hysteria gripped the small town of Gilmer, Texas, when popular high school senior Kelly Wilson vanished without a trace. Thirty years later, journalist Wes Ferguson returns home to uncover what really happened to Kelly.

Devil Town is a production of Imperative Entertainment.  It was written and created by Wes Ferguson.  Executive Producer is Jason Hoch.  Editing by Shaine Freeman and Jason Hoch.  Mixed & Mastered by Shaine Freeman. Original score is by Robert Ellis.  Recorded by Austin Sisler at Eastside Studios.


Genre: True Crime, Documentary, History


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