In The Land of Lies

  • Release:08/01/2022
  • Client:Imperative Entertainment Inc.
  • Skills: Editor, Mix Engineer, Voiceovers

(SUMMER 2022)

I am the lead engineer on this 10-part true crime podcast series by Imperative Entertainment. IN THE LAND OF LIES tells the true story of former Georgia police officer Michael Chapel, who was convicted of the 1993 robbery and brutal murder of Emogene Thompson, and is currently serving life in prison for the crime. However, recent information has come to light in Chapel’s story that could potentially prove his innocence. Kipe takes a deep dive into Chapel’s past to uncover a story rife with corrupt police officers, crime rings, drug trafficking, steroids, and murder.  In the Land of Lies is written, created, hosted, and scored by Sean Kipe (In The Red Clay and Fox Hunter). Exec. Producers are Jason Hoch (story editor) and Gino Falsetto. Audio Engineering by Shaine Freeman. Cover Art and Design by Jeana Sullivan. Consulting Producer is Henry Ball.


Genre: True Crime, Documentary


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