The Agent | Narrated by Alden Ehrenreich (Star Wars)

  • Release:10/29/2021
  • Client:Imperative Entertainment Inc.
  • Skills: Editor, Mix Engineer, Producer, Sound Designer


As the sound engineer and co-editor of this 12-part podcast series I handled all mixing, mastering, and post-production editing. I’m also the series voice of the opening advisory and episode end credits on each episode.

The Agent is the amazing true story of Jack Barsky, the longest-surviving known member of the KGB spy program operated during the height of the Cold War. Barsky hid in plain sight in America for 10 years, until he was confronted with an impossible choice.  The Agent is a production of Imperative Entertainment in association with Windjoy. Written, produced, and edited by Exec. Producer Jason Hoch. Narration by Alden Ehrenreich (Han Solo). Executive Producers are Jason Hoch, Jack Barsky and Alden Ehrenreich. Original score by Jasha Klebe. Sound engineering and additional editing by Shaine Freeman.


Genre: True Crime, Documentary


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